Flower Power

Mesh Flowers with Vase by Plato Novo from Percent Furniture for Domus Fair in Second Life by Thalia Heckroth


Domus Fair is a new event where experienced interior designers and architects create innovative spaces, showing their latest creations for indoor and outdoor.

It is organized by Serab and Jojo Deed and runs from May 25th – June  30th.

Don’t miss it! Click here to get a limo!

In the meantime, here is this beautiful flower bouquet that caught my eye.

It is built to perfection and detail in textures by the talented Plato Novo from Percent Furniture. You can find this at Domus Fair.

Flower Bouquet  by Percent Furniture –  %Cumin & Olive Bouquet (AntiqueBronze) *MESH* for DOMUS FAIR 

Bench by Percent Furniture –  %Spanish Bench *MESH* w/TC Velvet (Antique Bronze) for DOMUS FAIR 


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