The Sound of Ocean Breezes

The Dreamer Creations – Marine Bed MLP
[126 couple animations – Xcite! Compatible]
The Dreamer Creations – Marine Pallet Bed Head
[includes linked version with pallet/hanging sweater (not shown)/lantern/posters and same pieces unlinked]
The Dreamer Creations – Marine Console with Drawers
[includes linked with boxes/tea pot/drawing framed (shown)/back shadow, linked with boxes only and unlinked tea pot and drawing]
The Dreamer Creations – Marine Storage Bench
[7 male sit poses, 7 female sit poses, 21 couple cuddles animations]

Other credits:
Circa – WillowLand: Lounge Tray – Brown & Lime Green wood
What Next – Greenwich Rug
What Next – Farnham Rug
LISP – Serenity Spring Towels
Y’s House – Plants Kokedama
Bazar – White Beach cottage

Posted by: Cindy


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