#115 Chat

The Pierrot


Hair + Hat: ::C’est la vie !:: x GLOW ::porkpie hat (Dark Brown) by kawadai Criss and Larcoco Mathy

Tee: D R O P . Male Marin Tee (Aqua) by sayaca Unplugged(kustom9)
Pants:FitMesh – HipHopJeans+Belt – BOLD / Blue – REDGRAVE by Emilia Redgrave 

Shoes: FLite.-Resorts Black Mens by LiamCole (kustom9)

Bracelet: Kari – Audio wire bracelet – Redux by Menno Ophelia
Bracelet + Ring: -FAUN- Tora Unisex Set -Blaq- by ExplicitFame (kustom9)
Ice Cream: *Tentacio* lolly cat toffe by May Tolsen (kustom9)
Bag:ASO! Alphabet Marine Trico Bag (V) by Menieelee Gelles
Soy. Marimo box by Soyoy (kustom9)
Soy. vintage wire shelf (Black steel) by Soyoy (kustom9)
Soy. Koukin (mouth harp) for decor by Soyoy
StoraxTree Deer Trophy & Deer Skin Rug with Cuban Cigars by Kate McLaglen
oyasumi / explorer set by Kenzo Gateaux
oyasumi / industrial lamp / light metal / unplugged 

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