Mediterranean Style

Cleo Design mediterranian summer sofa Domus Fair 
Cleo Design elephant decor Domus Fair 

 Shelves: Serenity Style– Mediterranean Shelves  Domus Fair 
~The Dreamer Creations~ Marine Console with drawers – linked objects & back shadow Domus Fair 

~The Dreamer Creations~ Marine Pallet Bed Head – linked objects Domus Fair 
~The Dreamer Creations~Marine Bed – Mesh – Adult (Xcite! compatible) Domus Fair 
~The Dreamer Creations~Marine Storage bench – linked objects Domus Fair 
Serenity Style– Mediterranean Hangcoat Domus Fair 

[ARIA] Eva multi-function chair – slipcover and cushion(ADULT) The Garden @ TLC
[ARIA] Eva multi-function chair (ADULT) The Garden @ TLC
[ARIA] Eva sideboard The Garden @ TLC
{af} Lustful Lilacs
~Bazar~Toronto-Living room plant
~Bazar~Toronto-Books and plate decor
Lark – Sealife Framed Artwork – 1a
[ARIA] Eva Plumeria in a vase The Garden @ TLC
Trompe Loeil – Frame Square Art Pink Flowers
RARE[*Art Dummy!] nourish. (pancakes with chocolate chips) RARE
~Bazar~ Toronto-Living room drawer cabinet
[ARIA] Eva dining table The Garden @ TLC
[ARIA] Eva pendant light The Garden @ TLC
~Bazar~ Toronto-Living room curtain left

                      Cleo Design garden bench Domus Fair 
                      Cleo Design garden chair Domus Fair 
             Cleo Design plant Domus Fair 
               Cleo Design table Domus Fair 
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