La Caprese

La Caprese

The theme of the Domus Fair First Edition will be Mediterranean Style.
May 25th – June 30th
Los demas muebles, son una creaccion de Jojo Deed, que podeis encontrar en su sim llamado La Caprese, no dejeis de visitarlo, es estupendo!
Other furniture, are wonderful  Jojo Deed, which you can find in your sim called La Caprese, do not let to visit, it’s great!
Furniture and Accesories:
*JD dormeuse Wave – white La Caprese
*JD Tabrix Jallilli rug La Caprese
*JD Profiled stool – coffee table – white La Caprese
*JD Blue flowers and foliage in a basket La Caprese
*JD  Empire ormolu wall sconce -right La Caprese
*JD Ming style vase Delft porcelain La Caprese
*JD Plant in white basket A La Caprese
*JD Brass Chandelier – Long chain La Caprese
*JD profiled couch – white La Caprese
*JD Silver lamp – yellow La Caprese
*TG – Painted Table with Marble Top – Domus Fair Domus Fair
*TG – Framed Etching 2 of 2 – Domus Fair Domus Fair
*TG – Framed Etching 1 of 2 – Domus Fair Domus Fair
*TG – Gray Linen Press (Directoire) – Domus Fair Domus Fair
*TG – Quatrefoil Chair – Domus Fair Domus Fair
*TG – Weathered Marble Sculpture – Male Torso – Domus Fair Domus Fair
*TG – White Canvas Sofa with Accent Pillows – Domus Fair Domus Fair
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